Rendiconti Online della Società Geologica Italiana - Vol. 35/2015

Assessing shallow landslide susceptibility by using the SHALSTAB model in Eastern Liguria (Italy)

Carlotta Bartelletti (a), Giacomo D'Amato Avanzi (a), Yuri Galanti (a) Roberto Giannecchini (a) & Alberto Mazzali (b)
(a) Earth Sciences Department, University of Pisa, Via S. Maria, 53, 56126, Pisa, Italy. E-mail: (b) Magra River Basin Authority, Via Paci, 2, 19038, Sarzana (SP), Italy.

Volume: 35/2015
Pages: 17-20


On 25 October 2011 a heavy rainstorm hit Eastern Liguria (Vara Valley and Cinque Terre) and North-western Tuscany (Magra Valley), causing floods and hundreds of shallow landslides. This study aims at assessing the shallow landslide susceptibility using the physically based model SHALSTAB (Shallow Landslide Stability Model) in the Pogliaschina Torrent basin (Vara Valley). The susceptibility map elaborated with SHALSTAB was compared with the landslide inventory map, which confirmed the good performance of this model for the study area. The implementation of the SHALSTAB model provided a preliminary shallow landslide susceptibility map of the Pogliaschina T. basin and quite promising results on the shallow landslide spatial prediction.


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