Rendiconti Online della Società Geologica Italiana - Vol. 35/2015

Integrated monitoring network for the hazard assessment of slow-moving landslides at Moio della Civitella (Italy)

Diego Di Martire (a), Massimo Ramondini (b) & Domenico Calcaterra (a)
(a) Department of Earth, Environmental and Resources Sciences, Federico II University of Napoli (Italy), Largo San Marcellino, 10 - 80138, Napoli, Italy. E-mail: (b) Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, Federico II University of Napoli (Italy), Via Claudio, 21 ? 80125, Napoli, Italy.

Volume: 35/2015
Pages: 109-112


Aiming at a deeper comprehension of landslide geological and geotechnical model, territorial monitoring is of utmost importance. The integration of conventional and innovative monitoring techniques allows to obtain the most precise and up-to-date information at reasonable costs. This paper focuses on the case study of Moio della Civitella (Salerno Province, Italy) where, starting from 2007, an integrated monitoring network was implemented to detect the state of activity of some landslides affecting the urban centre.


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