Rendiconti Online della Società Geologica Italiana - Vol. 38/2016

SIGIEC application: an integrated system for management of coastal erosion

Alessandro Greco (b), Davide Furci (a), Federica Sbrana (b) & Rocco Dominici (a)
(a) DiBEST- University of Calabria, Ponte p. Bucci, cubo 15b, 87036, Arcavacata di Rende (CS), Italy. Corresponding author. E-mail: (b) SIster ? Sistemi Territoriali Srl via Pietro di Lupo Parra Sud, 144, 56021 - Cascina - Loc. San Prospero (PI) (Italy).

Volume: 38/2016
Pages: 51-54


The contrast between antrophogenic impact and ecosystem equilibrium is a very complex problem along coastal area. SIGIEC Application is a Decision Support System built on multidisciplinary studies composed by four components: Data Module, Geo Business Intelligence, Short Term Forecast System, Long Term Forecast System (Management DashBoard). Data Module permit to search and download several data types obtained by seismic survey, sedimentological analyses, geomorphoogical mapping, etc. Geo-business intelligence is able to analyze and merge data to derive new information and create new indicators. The short term forecast system is a web form that develop a scenario of potential risk of coast erosion versus weather forecast. The Management Dashboard gives the overall view of erosion phenomenon both in physical and economic terms "with" or "without" actions to management erosion. Finally, it compounds anthropic aspects and economic issues providing a cost/benefit analysis.


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