Rendiconti Online della Società Geologica Italiana - Vol. 39/2016

From monument to geosite: a geomatic approach to link geological and cultural heritage

Monica Giuliano (a) & Ciro Manzo (b)
(a) Archaeologist freelance, Via Francesco Baracca 18, 80016 Marano di Napoli, Naples, Italy, (b) Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research - CNR (National Research Council of Italy), Research Area of Rome 1 Via Salaria Km 29.300, Monterotondo (00016), Rome, Italy.

Volume: 39/2016
Pages: 76-80


This short note aims to raise the awareness in geological heritage and geoconservation focusing on the links between geomatic and historical/archaeological heritage. The main goal of this research is to identify an approach that shows how Geological and Cultural Heritage are so strictly linked one to each other to be considered different pieces of the World's evolution puzzle. Geological heritage has an important role for understanding the World heritage, representing a tangible asset of human and natural developments. Starting from minero-petrographic analysis of building materials of historical and archaeological assets in Italy, it is possible to carry out a study about their mining area, tools and extraction, quarrying methods and transportation. The results of this approach represent a preliminary step toward the integration of geology and archeology into an holistic analysis. Moreover they have valuable potential for protection and conservation, education and sustainable development, in accordance with the UNESCO guidelines and criteria for establishing National Geoparks.


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