Rendiconti Online della Società Geologica Italiana - Vol. 39/2016

The Classification Scheme of the Piemonte Geological Map and the OntoGeonous initiative

Vincenzo Lombardo (a), Fabrizio Piana (b), Gianfranco Fioraso (b), Andrea Irace (b), Dario Mimmo (a), Pietro Mosca (b),Sergio Tallone (b), Luca Barale (b), Michele Morelli (c) & Marco Giardino (d)
(a) Department of Informatics , University of Torino, corso Svizzera 185, 10149, Torino, Italy. E-mail: (b) Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources, 10025 Torino, Italy. (c) ARPA Piemonte, Torino, Italy. (d) Department of Earth Sciences, University of Torino, 10025 Torino, Italy.

Volume: 39/2016
Pages: 117-120


The OntoGeonous initiative has the goal of modeling a number of interconnected computational ontologies of geological concepts in order to exploit (i) the expressive power of ontological systems to merge several geological concepts (ii) the reasoning capabilities of the ontological systems to check the consistency of the currently existing knowledge stored in the Data Base of the Piemonte Geological Map at 1:250.000 scale and to infer novel knowledge. The prospect application of this initiative is the intelligent data collection and compilation of geological data base and the provision of sound semantic foundations for a modern cartographic project that provides a basis for a synthesis of geological data at the regional scale.


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