Rendiconti Online della Società Geologica Italiana - Vol. 40/2016

Star bene per far star bene la Terra

Angela Colli (a) & Giuseppina Spadaro (b)
(a) collaboratrice C.R.E.A. Centro Regionale Educazione Ambientale via Case Basse Torretta 11/13 tel. n. 0382 439201 fax 0382 4392308 E-mail:, (b) funzionario responsabile C.R.E.A.

Volume: 40/2016
Pages: 14-17


Since the 1980s scientists have changed their approach to natural phenomena and to Earth Sciences' subiects from a linear logic, based on Aristotelian-Galilean paradigms, to a systems theory, which is associated with the complexity theory. With the new generations of "digital natives" we need to overcome the tradition way of teaching. We should be aware that our students may use their brain in different ways and have a range of learning styles: by using a variety of activities and assignments we can appeal to this diversity. The projects of CREA (Reference Centre for Environmental Education) adopt the Inquiry-based learning methodology. Students calculate the carbon, ecological and water footprints of their diet in order to decrease them for a healthier life style. They use an excel spreadsheet or the game" My pyramid": they suggest how to improve the game or the spreadsheet. The involvement of students in posing and resolving problems related to daily life allows them to make connections between abstract notions and practical skills usable to address environmental issues.


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