Rendiconti Online della Società Geologica Italiana - Vol. 41/2016

Natural Arsenic in groundwater in the drainage basin to the Venice lagoon (Brenta Plain, NE Italy): the organic matter's role

Nico Dalla Libera (a), Paolo Fabbri (a), Leonardo Piccinini (a), Marco Pola (a) & Leonardo Mason
(a) Dipartimento di Geoscienze, Università di Padova, Via G. Gradenigo, 6 - 35131 Padova, Italy. E-mail: (b) SCA - U.O. Sito Interesse Nazionale, ARPAV Dipartimento di Venezia, Via Lissa 6 - 30171 Venezia, Mestre ? Italy

Volume: 41/2016
Pages: 30-33


The aim of the article is to show the role of the redox potential and of the ammonium ion concerning the release of arsenic into groundwater from naturally occurring sources. The study is carried out on both regional and local scale. The former is performed on the area of the drainage basin to the Venice lagoon (DBVL), while the latter interests a sub-area near the Porto Marghera contaminated sites of national interest, named "Agricultural west areas" (AWA). The results of the work will elucidate the processes continuity at different scales.


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