Rendiconti Online della Società Geologica Italiana - Vol. 41/2016

Integration of ground-based interferometry and terrestrial laser scanning for rockslide and rockfall monitoring

Emanuele Intrieri (a), Giovanni Gigli (a), Luca Lombardi (a), Federico Raspini (a), Teresa Salvatici (a) & Giovanni Bertolini (b)
(a) Department of Earth Sciences, University of Studies of Firenze, via La Pira 4, 50124, Firenze, Italy. E-mail: (b) Emilia Romagna Regional Authority, Basin Technical Survey, viale Aldo Moro 52, 40127, Bologna, Italy.

Volume: 41/2016
Pages: 243-246


A rockslide in Central Italy has been monitored by means of a ground-based interferometric radar and a terrestrial laser scanner in order to monitor its displacements and to provide both an early warning system and a feedback for the restoration works. The radar furnished near real time displacement maps that were integrated with 3D models of the slope reconstructed through the laser scanner. The integration between the two techniques permitted to reconstruct a high resolution 3D displacement maps of the rockslide also in the areas where profiling works created disturbance to radar data. As a support to the safety of workers and the durability of structural interventions, several detachment areas of rockfalls were also identified and the volume of the blocks calculated.


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