Rendiconti Online della Società Geologica Italiana - Vol. 49/2019

Il geologo a scuola: una matematica differente, un viaggio geoturistico verso la luna, la lista dei sinonimi di Homo sapiens e la poetica di Giacomo Leopardi

Andrea Di Cencio (1,2), Hanna Bruno (1), Sara Poggi (1) & Azzurra Vegetti (1)
(1) Studio Tecnico Geologia e Paleontologia, via Fratelli Rosselli 4, San Casciano VP., I-50026. (2) Gruppo Avis Mineralogia e Paleontologia Scandicci, Piazza Vittorio Veneto 1, Badia a Settimo, Scandicci, I-50018. Corresponding author e-mail:

Volume: 49/2019
Pages: 20-25


Geosciences at school do not mean only to teach concepts of Geology. A geologist at school should indicate some alternative or uncommon approaches to common objects. A.D.C. projected and realized a different way to approach mathematics and geometry in Secondary Italian school. Usually students feel scared about mathematics: formulas, calculus and geometry. In extreme cases this feeling can become a real psychological condition known as Math Anxiety. It literally blocks students in front of numbers. Usually students do not "see" mathematic, and at last it remains only theoretical. Otherwise mathematic aim is to explain natural phenomena, so mathematic itself has to be real. Following the experience on the field of a geologist teacher, A.D.C. realized a virtual field trip where concepts of mathematics crop out. The virtual field trip can start with a simple mud crack, with its polygonal boundary. It continues with students observing the columnar basalts and go on with debating about geometrical rules and mathematic. Finally, students "see" how mathematic and geometry do work in the reality, by watching crystals, fossils, landscapes. In accord with the effectiveness of the geological approach, three examples of student research are presented and described in this paper. h.B. scientifically confuted racism. Together with Homo sapiens, Linnaeus (1758) instituted four official varieties, one for each human race recognized in XVIII Century. The goal of the project was to put in synonymy the racist names of human species. S.P. based her research on the citation by the Italian poet and philosophers Giacomo Leopardi regarding the Icelandic volcano Mount Hekla. She studied what eruption was so important to become a news of interest for the entire Europe, Central Italy included. A.V. hypothesized a geotouristic journey forward Moon. Even if only a dream, the idea of a future sustainable tourism on our satellite seems to be interesting. She projected thus a travel by using a selenological map added to motivation, physical preparation and geological attractions.


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