Rendiconti Online della Società Geologica Italiana - Vol. 52/2020

Geological mapping for executive design of civil infrastructures: integration of GIS and AutoCAD informative systems for "Gronda di Genova" highway tunnel

Igor Marcelli (1,2), Luca Barale (2,3), Fabrizio Piana (2,3), Sergio Tallone (2), Serena Botta (1,2), Fabio Brunamonte (1), Andrea Irace (2), Pietro Mosca (2), Roberto Compagnoni (3) & Francesco Turci (3,4)
(1) Gi-RES S.r.l., Via Gottardo, 223, 10154, Torino, Italy. (2) CNR-IGG (National Research Council of Italy ? Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources), Torino Unit, Via Valperga Caluso, 35, 10125, Torino, Italy. (3) "G. Scansetti" Interdepartmental Centre for Studies on Asbestos and other Toxic Particulates - University of Torino, Via Pietro Giuria, 7, 10125, Torino, Italy. (4) Department of Chemistry - University of Torino, Via Pietro Giuria, 7, 10125, Torino, Italy. Corresponding author e-mail:

Volume: 52/2020


This contribution describes a geodatabase structure designed to manage a large amount of geo-environmental data for the "Gronda di Genova" highway by-pass tunnels in Liguria region (Italy). In particular, an innovative dataset structure founded on an explicit conceptual model was designed to represent the distribution of petrofacies containing Natural Occurring Asbestos (NOA), and their minero-chemical composition. This in order to assess the environmental risk (air dispersion of fibers) due to the tunnel excavation in the asbestos-bearing rocks. Problems related to the GIS (shp) - AutoCAD (layer) conversion have been also considered for delivering the graphic layout of the project and are here discussed.


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