Rendiconti Online della Società Geologica Italiana - Vol. 55/2021
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UAV/UGV System for meso-macro pollutants identification in the beach environment

Cosimo Cagnazzo (1), Ettore Potente (1), Hervé Regnauld (2), Sabino Rosato (3) & Giuseppe Mastronuzzi (1)
(1) Department of Earth and Geoenvironmental Science, University of Bari ? 70121, Bari, Italy. (2) LETG, University of Rennes 2 ? 35043, Rennes, France; (3) Serveco Srl - 74020, Montemesola, Italy. Corresponding author e-mail:

Volume: 55/2021
Pages: 29-35


Direct and indirect pressure of anthropic activities in the immediate vicinity of the coastal strip increase the potential for environmental pollution. Given the extension of the areas, detailed investigations and early warning might result difficult, therefore scientific research and technological innovation in recent years is developing, more efficient and faster methodologies for the early identification of possible pollution situations that are dangerous for the entire ecosystem. We present the results of a research project that aims to develop an integrated system consisting of an air vehicle (UAV - Unmanned Air Vehicle) and ground vehicle (UGV ? Unmanned Ground Vehicle), equipped with a variety of sensors, that is able to rapidly detect the presence of various pollutants along the coastal strip. The system was developed within a PhD research project in Geosciences of the 33rd PON cycle of the University of Bari. All phases of field experimentation of the methodology were carried out in three coastal areas and in particular in the Regional Park of the Coastal Dunes of Ostuni (BR), in the WWF Oasis Bosco Pantano di Policoro (MT) and on the coastal strip between Portsall and Lampaul-Ploudalmezeau in the Brittany region (France). The ground vehicle designed, prototyped and tested, represents one of the most important products of the research project.


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